What would you do if you receive messages on your office phone about an alleged drug trafficking operation going on where you worked? What would you do if you believe this illegal drug activity could possibly involve your boss? Cross Wires is a powerful mystery that brings to light the dangers of a very respectful and successful employee who is caught in a vice between his loyalty to the company or reporting what he knows to the authorities. By going to law enforcement do you take a chance of losing your job and more risking your life by reporting these illegal acts? What happens next is cathartic scenes of the most devastating turn of events one can encounter dealing with fear. Cross Wires speaks of a corporate executive who had just received the nation’s top honor in receiving the Fortune 500 Award as one top business financially. Shortly after receiving this prestigious award his corporation is investigated by the feds involving him in an international drug tracking ring. After a series of the most suspense acts of terror involving a murder for hire plot things take the most unbelievable twist to justice. Cross Wires brings to meaning of who you trust.